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Today’s arrivals

These arrived today!!! More Sormik for my life wah wah waaaaah
Look at the Tales of Festival straps, Sorey is pressing against Mikleo ♥ Ok lots omake here: Water Armatus Sorey badge and straps, Sormik kids and Tales postcards.

I’m still collecting Dura merchandise. There’re still some I’m still interesting and haven’t got yet. Look at my whole collection: https://fr.myfigurecollection.net/profile/Mizuiro
I have never collected that many merchandise from a single series in my life but for Dura. Because Dura is love, because Dura is life, because Dura is the best thing in the whole world.

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Mobile game playthroughs #10

// Tales of Link (JP) \\

This sumonning was just made for me: Zesteria cast only with The X Armatus only. Of course I was wishing for any Sorey/Mikleo characters.

In the end, I only got Summer Mikleo. I’m glad to have got him but since I already got him in the Global version, I would have prefered Sorey’s this time. On the contrary, I’m pleased to have got Alisha Water Armatus, though Sorey’s would have been the best. It would be hard to get either Sorey or Alisha Armatus in the future. I’ll try to summoning some more, I’m near 50 stones. I hope to get more Sormik, I swear, my game thinks I’m a fan of Alisha and Rose TT_TT I didn’t even get either Edna or Lailah.

I awakened Water Armatus Alisha!

// Tales of Link \\

My last ticket got me Ange, not the best but well it’s good that I haven’t got her.
My Water Armatus Sorey is originally water (ufufu) but most of characters are light element. Plus I don’t even got a Water boost in my guardian list. I still need to change some more characters to light.

// Tales of Asteria \\

I got Lailah and Mikleo ♥♥♥ I couldn’t get formal Sorey last time (and I‘m was sure upset to get an hundred Elise instead grrrrr). At least Asteria got me the love of my life ;_;
Asteria brings a Zestiria event, so did TOL, along with the BD Box release. No Sorey, no Meebo but it’s fine with me, I got my Summer Mikleo ♥

// Fire Emblem Heroes \\

I got ★5 Tobin last Monday and ever since I’ve been pretty much lazy to keep going further in the Trial Tempest. Just this morning I reach 54k, not just 54+ but 54 000 exactly. I can’t believe it haha. I don’t know if I will try to get more than 60k. Orbs are attempting but it takes so much and not sure if my mind can keep it up with it.

// Alien no Tamago \\

Mama!Izaya + Papa!Shizuo = Child!Izaya
Mama!Izaya + Papa!Mikado = Child!Izaya

Nah eggs get you more skills for your characters but I just like to see that way <3333

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Mobile game playthroughs #8

// Tales of Link (JP) \\

I got four ★5 characters in Farah&Mikleo summoning gacha. In the 3rd ( I think it was the 3rd one), chance to get either Farah or Mikleo went up to 40% and I did get Mikleo in the end. My first Mikleo in the Japanese Tales of Link: now I do own Mikleo in every Tales mobile games ♥♥♥
The other ★5 are: Marta, Philia and Stahn. I’ve only been using Marta in my main team. I don’t have many UR(++) weapons and the ones I got in the TOX2 event from the Exchange market are different types. Four of them are UR++, the others are awaiting for coins to limit breaking.

I’m saving coins and LP for Mikleo. Mikleo has just been limited breaking once and I don’t even have every material anyway. By this, I mean the orbs, the ones with feathers. As long as I got the badges, it can wait as much time as it wants (preferably the sooner the better though).

// Tales of Link \\

My goodness! It was so damn hard to get to Ares Realm 29th floor and remember the FOUR Malik I previously got in the Tekken collab, well I ended up using by combining his boost x3 and Milla’s blue changing mark. And I was about to lose against Ydrassil as it can be seen in the capture. The next step is Van, I tried a few times but I wasn’t able to get past half of his life so I just don’t know I can go through him. My weapons are probably not that powerful. I don’t know what kind of weapons were available during the Maze of Time event but I must have missed some great ones, I guess.

I hesitated to spend my stones on the summer gacha since I got basically no chance last time with the Tekken one.
277 stones at the start:
– 1st roll: 30 stones with no only ★4 characters
– 2nd roll: 50 stones with ★3, ★4 and Sara (I was very displeased there because I wanted Ludger the most of course, then Judith and Reid)
– 3rd roll: 50 stones with ★3, ★4 and 3 tickets
– 4th roll: 50 stones with ★3, ★4 and 5 tickets
Tickets got me… LUDGER! I just can’t believe it!! While summoning with tickets, I was about to panic in my head “What if I got another Sara? What if I got Judith or Reid? Should I reroll and get more tickets… just like for Tekken event?” No need for any of them, I did get Ludger!!! And guess what? I’m currently using Sara in the end because she got a healing arte like my Kanono Earhart. I wish to have gotten Judith since she can save me from instant death. Oh well.

// Tales of Asteria \\

I picked Kanono Earhart after completing the Extra mission event. I already picked Sorey last time and Kanono Earhart is my favorite Kanono.
Got Rondoline in the current summer event, got her so many time now that she’s already level 6 without leveling myself. I couldn’t reach the 100k last time, just about 75k. Too busy with Fire Emblem Tempest Trial… Hopefully I will reach it this time.

// Fire Emblem Heroes \\

Fire Emblem Heroes is “usually” the only game in wich I was able to get the characters I wanted in the summoning gacha. I do mean there “usually”. But with time, FEH summoning gacha get harder and harder because of its whole cast which is getting bigger and bigger every single new summoning gacha. And look at this, I got 313 orbs and I was wishing to get the 4 summer characters which are: Female!Robin, Frederic, Gaius and Adult!Tiki (special Awakening yes that’s it).

Eventually all my stones were spent on this limited gacha. And I was only able to get two focus characters from the 4 available ones. My most favorite one is obviously Robin as a Robin fan myself, second was Gaius and I did get him! I love both Tiki and Frederic too: Tiki is voiced by Ikue Otani (Pikachu) and Frederic is OnoD (Shizu-chan).
The other characters are not bad, especially Olwen and Cordelia but I still have prefered getting both Robin and Frederic as limited ones. First time I get a ★5 healer and Maria is not so bad either.
I guess the next limited gacha would be for Halloween and then Christmas with Robin and Tharja. I really really really want that last one. It’s my inner Robin hardcore fan speaking here!

// Alien no Tamago \\

Look, look, look!!!!!!! I got him, I got Izaya!!! I got Izaya, yeah it’s important to mention it, that’s why I said it twice. Even a third one isn’t enough. I got IZAYAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!!!
I didn’t get Shizuo last time, I got Celty and I couldn’t get back as many stars as he needs to reroll 5 more time. Although I love Masaomi, Izaya definitely is my moooooooost favorite one. Oh god, I’m so glad to have got Izaya. You don’t know how much.

Alien no Tamago might be the last mobile game to have a collaboration with Dura so it makes me so happy to have got my favorite character of all here. Izaya, just love you TT_TT

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Mobile game playthroughs #5

// Tales of the Rays \\

After TOF ended, they offered Mikleo in the Mirror gacha again. Look at my diamonds: 1 180. Mikleo got a boost of 8% to appear which is basically 2,286% in total. So with 1180 diamonds, guees what, I………………….. DIDN’T GET MIKLEO!!!
I got Sorey*3, Edna*1 and Jude*1 but NO MIKLEO!!! Where is that boost of 8%, it never occured. Tales mobile games do everything so I could not get my favorite characters when I need them. My Sorey mirror can now be leveled up to 90. I would have prefered not to have any Sorey here nor Edna nor Jude but just Mikleo. I just need him in my life T_T
Though Edna was great to have since she’s limited as well. Dang, I don’t have any more diamonds, it would take forever to get them back I just hope they wouldn’t offer Mikleo before a while so I could collect enough diamonds. Because yeah… I’m saving them all for Mikleo, every single one for him.

// Tales of Asteria \\

As much as they did for The Rays, Asteria is also celebrating TOF popularity vote by offering a special Tales of Festival 2017 version of Mikleo. And it’s not a gacha limited character but a free character to all players who log in the game. I’m currently displaying it in the main menu!
The latest event of Asteria is about TOS in which you can get Lloyd, Zelos, Raine and Shiina. I was able to get two Lloyd. I can’t get any more of him, I need to do higher stages but my level is too low to even try them so I’ll stick to two Lloyd.
I wasn’t expecting any great characters from an orange drop and got Rita-chan. I’m so happy, Rita is my fav Tales girl (>///<)

// Tales of Link (JP) \\

Whereas The Rays and Asteria, Link didn’t offer anything related to Mikleo but some special TOF characters after log in during TOF : Luke (3rd in the top), Ludger (2nd in the top), Milla, Cless UAed with Velvet and Edna UAed with Eizen (in the Exchange market).

// Alien no Tamago \\

Eventually I was able to get stars for a ★5 guaranteed and it happened to be Celty……… Bye bye Shizu-chan, I reaaaaaaaaaaaally wanted to get Shizuo, it was a 50/50 but I failed, terribly failed to get him.
IZAYA IS COMING, along with Masaomi  and… Mikado. Again? They should have got Anri. She deserves to be here! Anyway, Izaya is so cute ♥♥♥ He’s holding is knife, that’s your typical Izaya here! Oh and there’s Celty’s head too behind him haha ♪ This collab stars in June 30th. I’m not so sure to get enough stars when it will be offered but I’ll try. I so, so need Izaya >O<

// Tales of Link \\

I eventually got back my account TT_TT Thank you Bandai Namco to have been working on my issue, to trust me enough despite not having my ID numbers. Now I did make sure to save my ID in case it were to happen in the future. Though, from what I get, they can get back your account only once. Well, Tales of Link is working more than just fine on my new cellphone so it shouldn’t be a problem. When time comes for me to change cellphone, I’ll not make the same mistake. I’ll immediately move the game to the new one.

I got back my cellphone tuesday. I wasn’t able to play the Maze of Time event and the Soul Arena was already running which isn’t much of a problem for me thanks to my +170 gels. I finished it easily up to the 600k in three days to get the UR Mystic Artes of Sophie. I also clear the Tekken event with all the materials to upgrade the weapon. As for the Trial Tower event, it’s just HELL!!! I’m at the 6F and can’t seem to get further. My spell weapons are so weak. I wish they started with Slash and then Trust, which are my main weapons.

Summoning was a terrible experience. I tried the Tekken summoning because lately I got Milla in the Japanese version and I did found her very useful. 40LC for marking them all is the best I was able to see for now.  When I got back my account, my stones were still 102. Soul Arena (+log in bonus) got me up to 121, well something alike. I used them all and got… TWO ★5 MALIK. Why two? No, why Malik of all characters? His leader skill is so useless and I got two of him. I did the main stories to get more stones, I can’t get defeat from just two summoning which allowed me tosummon twice:
1st roll: ★5 Tekken!Presea and ★5 Judith (1st time get her)
2nd roll: ★5 Tekken!…………… MALIK (what the hell,  it’s my 3rd), ★5 Velvet and ★5 Rokuro (1st time to get him)
I still need Milla so I did inconsiderate thing: I purchased stones and eventually get ★5 Tekken!Milla. Wich helped get enough tickets for a Tekken-only character which ended up to be… MALIK. Why does this game want me to get Malik that much? Why???? I can’t possibly get it. Malik isn’t even in my personal top 50 Tales characters so why are you doing this to me? I couldn’t even get Dezel in the end. Damn you Malik!

// Pokémon: Magikarp Jump \\

I wanted to finish this 5th playtroughs with Magikarp because thie game has been eating my free time.
Current Rank: 45
Current Max Level: 55
Current Magikarp name: Velvet (purple)
My Generation 32 was called Mikleo and look at who was paying a visit, Sorey did! Sorey was Gen 29, it has to come for a visit when Meebo was around teehee!
It took some time but I cleared the Luxury League and I’m doing the Heal one. I got Bulbasaur and new patterns↓
Two different gray patterns: I named them Ganon and Link. I was playing Zelda BotW.
One purple pattern: I named him Velvet.

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Mobile game playthroughs #4

// Pokémon: Magikarp Jump \\

I’m enjoying this cute little game more and more haha. My current Magikarp, the 29th Generation, is gold. It’s like the 4th golden one I catched. I named him “Sorey” ❤

I got that special event with Gyarados for my 7th Generation. Actually I couldn’t see the event because the game crashed at this very moment when Magikarp was evolving. When I reopened the game, I was seeing that retirement scene. That was when I realized that she actually evolved.

// Tales of the Rays \\

The poll results for the future installment in TotR is here. I’m was first surprised to see Velvet winning the poll but as the latest Tales game, it should not have been a surprise either. I voted for Ludger of course but I would also have loved Flynn (6th) as well. Go for Velvet, I’m still happy either way.
The limit level was lift! My Ickx was sitting here as my main character. I’m not playing either Mikleo or Sorey as the main one.  Ickx can avoid attacks easily when he jumps. Both Mikleo and Sorey are closed to reach 50, especially Meebo.

// Tales of Link (JP) \\

I still haven’t got back my Western account so as said, I’m currently playing the Japanese version for now. And here’s the Luke I got in the Japanese version. But as my coworkers pointed out, Luke max level’s is 79 which is normally 59 in the Western version????? Whuuuut!!!
There should be a Tekken collab in the Western version currently. For want to play it, I got Milla in the Japanese version through the trial summon (though I was hoping to get Kanonno and Sorey ★4) but Milla is not bad actually. She can change every marks to blue! I also got one of the trial special characters: Kratos! I prefered Zelos but everything is fine as I’ve barely any character in the Japanese version.

// Tales of Asteria \\

I didn’t get Sorey nor did I get Ludger eventually. Someone just kill me….
And I hate Elise, well I don’t hate her but I got 5 Elise instead of getting Sorey formal clothes TT__TT Results: 2 Luke, 2 Tear and FIVE Elise. Damn it. I just hate Asteria gacha system.
With the tickets, I picked Sorey in compensation as I already got Mikleo.

// Alien no Tamago \\

Another game I’m starting because of a DRRR!! collab haha.
It’s quite an easy game. We don’t need to do anything much as the characters fight in auto mode. It’s a horizontal scrolling beat them up game with a party of three characters, plus a friend. For every stage, you get two stars and items to boost the characters stats. If you clear the stage without any lost, you get three more stars.
There’s also an egg system in which you fuse two characters to get a random egg with a sly chance to get a similar character for every egg. But I haven’t tried much since I’m saving the coins to exchange them with the stars.
You can exchange stars with characters. As for DRRR!! collab characters, there are 5 steps :
Step 1 uses 10 stars with a random characters
Step 2 uses 90 stars with 3 random characters + bonus
Step 3 uses 200 stars with 5 random characters + bonuses
Step 4 uses 500 stars with 10 random characters including 1 ★4 guaranteed + bonuses
Step 5 uses 500 stars with 10 random characters including 1  ★5 guaranteed (Celty/Shizuo) + bonuses

For every 3 first steps, I got a Mikado ★4. I’m so happy ♥ I should be able to evolve them once they reach the max level. Level 64 for now.
At least Izaya is implied in the collab despite not being in the rosters. Well thank you Shizu-chan for sceaming Izaya’s name ufufu~~

Other mobile games with DRRR!! collab: Divine Gate, Crash Fever, 18 and Hoshi no Rebellion.