Mobile game playthroughs #13

// Fire Emblem Heroes \\

Another Summer summoning and Leo is again on it to boot, I’ll try it at the end of the month (when I’ll collect enough orbs). Speaking of wich, I got Leo from the previous focus. I spent like 250 orbs >< but I wa able to get some good units like 2 more ★4 Robin, ★4 Chrom,  ★4 Eirika, 2★4 Adult!Tiki, 2★4 Henry, ★5 Lucina and ★5 Roy. I’ll save 1 Robin to merge with my Robin 40+.

As expected Corrin won the voting gauntlet, I was rooting for Robin. Of course for Robin but she didn’t win against Corrin, dang! Twice Robin lost in the voting gauntlet. And what kinda upset me is female won all of them. I did vote for Corrin but I prefered Gaius and Leo here, just I’ve come to realize that male characters can’t win. There’re most likley more guys playing FEH which makes things depressing in all honestly. Cordelia won against Ephraim, Tharja won against Robin. They’d better do a male-only voting gauntlet for the next one!

I just wanted to play with my Chrobin units. I’ve got one more female Robin but she’s ★2, I’ll try to change her class in the future. You don’t know how sad I’m to not have been able to get Summer Robin……. I need to save orbs for Xmas Robin, I know that. But why do they have to bring Leo for Summer as well.

// Tales of Asteria \\

Aren’t they super cute? And that’s it, I can’t possibly get Richard since my level is too low. I’m content with these two honestly.

I got another Ludger in the 28th day free character and the red drop got me Tear.

// Tales of the Rays (JP) \\

Ever since the announcement I was awaiting for Ix /// I wasn’t able to get his mirrage, I spent all my diamonds on the summer banner but I didn’t get a single mirrage. I expect I’m more lucky on the Western version. This game sure doesn’t want to give me Ix’s mirrage. I’ll give up and wait till next year I guess *sigh*

// Tales of the Rays \\


Mikleo and Edna are here! Sorey will feel less lonely without his friends around. Especially Mikleo since he’s been waiting for his arrival on the bridge. But you know, I’m surprised they started with Mikleo and Edna event. I mean, in the Japanese version, Jude and Tear was the first event. If they made that change, I suppose it’s to bring more player into Rays since they now know Mikleo is fans favorite.


4 rolls to get Mikleo but I eventually got him and in the meanwhile I got two more Sorey and Jude’s mirrages. And I summoned one more time because I’ve almost cleared every missons with gems: I haven’t started Jude’s difficulty mode yet and I still missed few in the earlier quests, my levels are too high.

1 Luke
1 Yuri
4 Sorey
1 Mikleo
1 Jude

4 Sorey for a start, I got 5 in the Japanese after several months of playing. I limited boost it just once, I need money to go further. Plus I still need to enhance my weapons. I’ve been leveling Sorey and Mikleo’s weapons for now. Once is even at level 90! I’ve been working on the last event quest over and over for farming the materials and Meebo/Edna’s weapons. No need to do the Experience quests to grind Meebo and Edna either to get the event rewards. I mean, mine are both level 35 and I’ve just been doing the last quest.

// Tales of Link (JP) \\

I picked Mikleo and Lailah. I did hesitate for either picking Lailah or Edna. Edna is my favorite Zestiria girl, Lailah is second but I don’t have a single ★5 Lailah. I don’t need to explain myself for Mikleo, do I.
I got a ★5 in the current free ticket but alas it’s just Alvin.
By the way, I picked Ludger in the latest Soul Arena. I was still not sure whether to pick Ludger or Kanono and Reid was a no-no for me but in the end, I picked Ludger as one of my favorite Tales characters, not to mention Ludger will sure get more appearence than Kanono will ever have.

// Tales of Link \\

Soul Arena mana rewards are now up to 800k! Glad but it’s not enough, they should have make it up to 1m, it’s still too easy and I just don’t care about the ranking anyway (unless it’s regarding Sorey/Mikleo, I’m only struggling for them).
I haven’t been investing a lot in the Carnage Sphere event because of the Soul Arena and the main quest (for the tokens) but I got Barbatos yay!

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Mobile game playthroughs #12

// Tales of Link (JP) \\

I feel like I’m enjoying the Japanese version more than the global one. In the TOZ-X event, I got ★5 Alisha twice in the Hell or Heaven mode but in the end, I wasn’t able to get clear the Ultimate mode. I would have needed Sorey for this, which I didn’t get either. I do realize that the summer key items are random but look at this, I got another bird. I already got like 60+ birds in my list (more ★5 and few ★4). I actually got more birds than actual characters. Not that I mind, birds are so rare in the global game while there you got so many that you don’t know what to do with them lol. I’ve just did the max limit break to 4 characters in case I would need these birds for upcoming characters.

The random ring got my another earth element. I mean, every single ring for me earth. How can this even be possible? Not to mention that most of the gacha characters were already earth. Just wow!!

As said, I didn’t get TOZ-X Sorey. I did try one more time and got Sorey and Alisha which is not bad. Sorey because well any Sorey is welcome and Alisha can awaken. I got a ★5 guaranteed ticket and got Colette. I was kinda disappointed at first but she helped me clear the trial. I don’t have enough either spell or trust characters. Most of my characters are shot or bash. I haven’t been collecting many characters since I have just started the Japanese game not long ago.

I tried the next step of the trial event, it was sure hard, I couldn’t clear the first level. I got another ★5 guaranteed ticket and summoned it. Who did I get? SOREY and not any Sorey but a Water Armatus Sorey. It’s like the 4th Water Armatus I’ve got so far: 3 Sorey and 1 Alisha.

// Tales of Link \\

I eventually awakened summer Ludger. And it’s all thanks to the current token available in the main quest. I also awakened Meebo, only need once as well. Look I’m so desperate to get any bird in the global version while it’s so easy to get them in the western version.
In the mission quest, I got a ★5 character, I didn’t even know it was possible to any ★5. I touched the sceen to fast and couldn’t take a picture of it but here the recent characters I got: that’s Ludger.

// Fire Emblem Heroes \\

Leo is one of my favorite characters in Fates and here it’s available in two gachas. Look at my orbs, I just don’t have enough orbs to get any of them. I mean, now it’s been so hard to get any focus character. Ever since they’ve been adding up new character. And you know I just need more red mages, not that I’m trying to find an excuse to summon (what? no). Female Corrin is not bad either, and I don’t have a red mage on wyvern but I already got too many blue mages so it’s kinda pointless. I may try to summon Summer Leo as a limited one.
I hope I’ll have enough at the end of the year for Xmas Robin, my most wanted future unit…

// Tales of the Rays (JP) \\

Summer event is here and I wasn’t expecting new mirages for Ix aand Mileena. I need them T_T With 20 diamonds, I got Sophie’s which I haven’t yet to get. Oh and for the mirage guaranteed, I got another Jude… Ix mirage, when will get I it? *cries*
I’m trying to collect prisms for Ix summer clothes. Almost got 800 for it!

// Tales of the Rays \\

Western Tales of the Rays is now out! Go get it on Android.
Diamonds were replaced by the mirrogems and thankfully they did this because it’s honesly absurd to separate them since they’re both needed to summon. Diamonds are the exchange money for gacha while gems are real money exchanged. Summoning needed 200 diamonds or 2k gems. In the Western ver., there’s no diamond so summoning is 2k as well. Log-in and cleared missions got you gems as well. Not to mention it’s proportional: it’s not just 1 gem but 10 up to 20 while it was 1 to 2 diamonds. They should have done this from the start in the Japanese version.

I guess my chance was here, I got three different mirages. I summoned three single gachas (20 gems) and got Luke. I also summoned 2k once and got both Yuri and Sorey mirage. I have neither Luke nor Yuri in the Japanese ver., 5 Sorey, 1 Mileena, 2 Jude, 1 Edna, 1 Sophie and that’s it!

I’ve cleared Sorey chapter, I haven’t started Jude one, I’m trying to farm some more. Look at Sorey, he’s awaiting Mikleo’s arrival. He’ll come around, Sorey, not so soon, but he’ll. After Tear and Jude event normally. I need to save gems for Mikleo and Edna mirages.

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Today’s arrivals

These arrived today!!! More Sormik for my life wah wah waaaaah
Look at the Tales of Festival straps, Sorey is pressing against Mikleo ♥ Ok lots omake here: Water Armatus Sorey badge and straps, Sormik kids and Tales postcards.

I’m still collecting Dura merchandise. There’re still some I’m still interesting and haven’t got yet. Look at my whole collection: https://fr.myfigurecollection.net/profile/Mizuiro
I have never collected that many merchandise from a single series in my life but for Dura. Because Dura is love, because Dura is life, because Dura is the best thing in the whole world.

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Mobile game playthroughs #11

// Tales of Link \\

Like last time, I was able to change my characters to light element! I failed just once and turned Sorey from fire to Wind. I still need to change four main characters to light for my team to be perfect.

// Tales of Link (JP) \\

The Soul Arena roll got me Water Armatus Sorey. I’m satisfied with it! I would have prefered Yuri with the 38 RCV all marks skill with any Armatus Sorey is fine with me. And I don’t even have this one in the Western version.
I tried reroll twice thanks to the Soul Arena stones and got Xmas Edna (thanks goodness it’s neither Alisha nor Rose) and another Summer Mikleo. Well as said, I love Mikleo, he’s my favorite Tales characters but for once I’d really have loved to get Sorey instead. Not just because I already got this version but I only own a single Sorey which is a ★4 offered earlier for the TOZX event…

There are sure more people for Yuri which I’m not suprised. After all, there’re more Yuri than the other two. I think it’s pretty obvious which character I picked here. Ever since I’ve been playing the Japanese version, I’ve only been picked the same game in Soul Arena: Lailah, Edna so this time is also TOZ: Sorey, rather Water Armatus Sorey.
The ring chance my Mikleo to earth. Last time I failed from Water to Wind so I’m glad it got me earth since most of my characters are earth as well.
I got a ★5 ticket and got Estelle. Not that I’m complaining but I really need thrust characters… I got too many shot and bash ones.

// Tales of the Rays \\

Phi is coming along Velvet upcoming main story? Ah and Mikleo and Edna are in the party! Oh my, if they’re offering Mikleo mirror I’ll be just dead, I have just not been collecting many for trying summoning any… I’ll make sure to save them in the Western version though.

// Fire Emblem Heroes \\

I tried twice ★4 Berkut and failed. I’ll stick to ★3 one…
I ended up in the top 10k in the Tempest trial and I thought I would fail to do so as well because on the morning I was like 12k+. But I guess people just ended it here after scoring 99 999 points which I admit I did. I used the last two remaining hours with using my stamina in the trial. I was kinda nervous when the score was revealing. I’m just so glad, 6k feathers is a great deal!

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Mobile game playthroughs #10

// Tales of Link (JP) \\

This sumonning was just made for me: Zesteria cast only with The X Armatus only. Of course I was wishing for any Sorey/Mikleo characters.

In the end, I only got Summer Mikleo. I’m glad to have got him but since I already got him in the Global version, I would have prefered Sorey’s this time. On the contrary, I’m pleased to have got Alisha Water Armatus, though Sorey’s would have been the best. It would be hard to get either Sorey or Alisha Armatus in the future. I’ll try to summoning some more, I’m near 50 stones. I hope to get more Sormik, I swear, my game thinks I’m a fan of Alisha and Rose TT_TT I didn’t even get either Edna or Lailah.

I awakened Water Armatus Alisha!

// Tales of Link \\

My last ticket got me Ange, not the best but well it’s good that I haven’t got her.
My Water Armatus Sorey is originally water (ufufu) but most of characters are light element. Plus I don’t even got a Water boost in my guardian list. I still need to change some more characters to light.

// Tales of Asteria \\

I got Lailah and Mikleo ♥♥♥ I couldn’t get formal Sorey last time (and I‘m was sure upset to get an hundred Elise instead grrrrr). At least Asteria got me the love of my life ;_;
Asteria brings a Zestiria event, so did TOL, along with the BD Box release. No Sorey, no Meebo but it’s fine with me, I got my Summer Mikleo ♥

// Fire Emblem Heroes \\

I got ★5 Tobin last Monday and ever since I’ve been pretty much lazy to keep going further in the Trial Tempest. Just this morning I reach 54k, not just 54+ but 54 000 exactly. I can’t believe it haha. I don’t know if I will try to get more than 60k. Orbs are attempting but it takes so much and not sure if my mind can keep it up with it.

// Alien no Tamago \\

Mama!Izaya + Papa!Shizuo = Child!Izaya
Mama!Izaya + Papa!Mikado = Child!Izaya

Nah eggs get you more skills for your characters but I just like to see that way <3333

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Mobile game playthroughs #9

I was supposed to write this last week but JE took more time so I ended skipping it. I’ll make another update later this week.

// Pokémon: Magikarp Jump \\

I cleared all available leagues and got Mudkip eventually. Following this, the game needs another updates so for now there’re more extra leagues which I have yet to clear.

// Fire Emblem Heroes \\

As seen here, I was supporting Lisa at first. She lost against Priscilla, which I’m not a big fan because of how she was introduced in FE7. I then supported Elisa, I’m glad she won against her. But my favorite female healer is Lisa and Mist > 1st round!
Tempest trial is back, I easily got ★4 Tobin in three days, not like last time in which I just started the trial too late. In the next update, you’ll see that I’m actually far ahead…

// Tales of Link \\

Zestiria ★4 characters are back starting with Mikleo! I still got mine for last time but if I can get some more, especially light version, I’d be pleased!
I didn’t summon Zestiria collection and I’ll not summon them either. It’s not guaranteed to get a ★5 one so I’ll just be patient and wait for future summoning. I already got the summer one and… take a look the following summoning.
It seems there have been a glitch, it says I haven’t completed the main quest contract 2 while I already complete all the others!

I tried the UA sommoning thrice (10 ~> 30 ~> 50 stones) and got my most favorite combi, Even I, can be lucky some time ;__; I got Judas&Leon on the 30 stones roll, which isn’t even a guaranteed ★5

★5 tickets got me those characters, there’s still another one left but I’ll display it in the next update. But yeah, I got MIKLEO in the 1st ticket. I have yet to get him and you can only get him from tickets nowadays. I just needed the last Mikleo and I would have all of them. That one is display in the Mikleo&Dezel summoning. The middle one which is the special TOZX special summoning from last time (in which I got both ★5 Lailah and ★5 Edna instead…)

// Tales of Link (JP) \\

Thanks to the Japanese trial event, I got birds to awaken Mikleo into ★6. My first ★6 in the Japanese version (well I only got one in the Western one anyways) and it’s not anybody but Mikleo, the love of my life ♥♥♥

// Tales of Asteria \\

Past Summer summoning is back in Asteria, well I have yet to get to know it since I’ve just begin Asteria but glad to see Meebo here (and Rita, and Flynn).
28th random ★5 is Lucas which is fine with me as long as it’s not a character I already got.

// Tales of the Rays \\

I haven’t been updating about the Rays because I just lost my chance to get Rita and Raven mirrors with the tickets. Instead I got both their weapons. I got enough material to exchange with Yuri clothes as a limited one hehe.
I don’t know how many time I did the event but my last one got me a Yuri plush for Repeede.
By the way, I won’t be playing much of the Rays aside for the login bonus because… TALES OF THE DAYS IS COMING TO WEST THIS SUMMER!!!!!!!!!! Waaaaaaaah

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Japan Expo 2017 Day 1 Report

I was planning to go another day in Japan Expo aside from the 1st day but considering my elevator is broken and I live at the 13th floor, I would rather stay in my house in that condition (well aside some errands).

So I attended the 1st day of Japan Expo 2017, thursday for one and only one reason (well main reason) : watching Pokémon 20th movie and seeing Rica Matsumoto (Satoshi’ seiyuu and artist of many Pokémon theme songs).

Seeing Rica Matsumoto, as said in my previous post, is one of my few dreams. She’s Satoshi’ seiyuu, she’s tons of Pokémon themes such as Mezase Pokémon Master, Rival!, Ok!, Type:Wild, Challenger!, Spurt! Best Wishes!, Hight Touch!, XY&Z, Alola!…

I couldn’t miss this chance to see her with my very own eyes.

Second reason was going to Kazutaka Kodaka signing session. He’s Danganronpa’s creator, one of my favorite video game series of all time!!! NISAmerica invited him to Japan Expo.

I attented it with my brother, we arrived at 8:30AM. Because of my brother’s situation, we were able to enter at 9:00AM before those who were standing in the line. Once entering it, we were looking for the place where to get the signing tickets. I wanted to both Pokémon ticket and Kodaka-san signing one but…

We just didn’t expect the outcome. There were like TOO MANY people standing in line for Pokémon. Don’t forget, we entered before everybody. Well besides who attended Japan Expo with a Zen ticket, a (very expensive) special 4-days ticket with privileges included (like getting in Japan Expo at 8:30AM).

We standed there, waiting for our turn so we could get Pokémon ticket. I tried to take a picture of the line behind me, it was just too huge and they were still coming. I don’t know how many people there really were but I wouldn’t doubt that fans just gave up on getting it. After all, I waited a whole hour to get mine when I was among the first ones. My ticket number can prove how many people they were expecting. Take a look at the following picture:

After getting my ticket, I just gave up on getting Kodaka-san’s signing ticket. The line was already full as well. Well of course less than Pokémon’s because normal sining tickets are basically one corridor line while Pokémon was a sort of snake-line (the space that it took is about 3 corridors). I was very sad, I would never have thought there were so many people for Pokémon. So in my mind, I was sure that I could get both tickets.

We looked around the place by going to Nintendo booth first. I took pictures of every game booth, though I didn’t try any game. I’ll play them once they are out. Main games at Nintendo booth: The Legend of Zelda Breath of the Wild with the 1st DLC season pass pack, Mario Odyssey, Mario and Rabbids, Pokken Tournament, Splatoon, Fire Emblem Warriors and Arms. Of course there were many other games like Pokémon S&M, Yokai Watch, even Overcooked Switch vers….

Closeby we found NIS America booth with Danganronpa V3. We saw some Monokuma’s mask and we guessed we had to test the game to get the masks. So did I, I tried the game, not much so I would not get myself spoiled. While playing it, my brother told me if I knew the person behind me. I turned my head first, then my whole body. I just couldn’t believe who I was seeing in front of me…. KAZUTAKA KODAKA-SAN!!!

He was looking at me, smiling at me… And I don’t know why but I was speaking in Japanese without realizing it. I asked him if I could take a picture with him and he agreeded to it. I was shaking at this moment but my brother helped me take a picture with him. When it was done, I bowed my head and thanked him. I just couldn’t believe it, I TOOK A PICTURE WITH HIM waaaaaaaaaaah!!! I thanked my brother for letting me know, I just didn’t realize he was behind me. My brother said he was most likely behind me the whole time taking pictures with few fans. And I guess he was watching me play…???? until I decided myself to turn and see him??? Oh my god… *embarassed* //////// Look at the picture, behind him is NIS staff and probably Spike Chunsoft staff too.

Kodaka-san was the 1st day MC of Japan Expo’s report. Here’s the video.

My mind was just blank, I was still replaying what’d just happened earlier with Kodaka-san. And I don’t really know but my brother and I just went ahead. We didn’t stay at NIS booth, I just wanted to breath a little after this mervelous meeting. Kodaka-san and the staff didn’t stay around either. Now that I saw JE official report, they were filming it and he just happened to be where we were! Such a great coincidence ♥ I didn’t get his signing but I was able to get better than that, his picture ♥♥♥

We didn’t have much to do at Japan Expo, we looked around professional booths (manga/anime ones). We saw our cousin too, she was working a one of these professional ones. Animate booth was small this year again, maybe I should have bought some Shingeki no Kyojin keychains. Same goes for Levi Nendoroid at Good Smile Compagny. But I didn’t want to spend money so I did not spend on anything aside from foods (Takoyaki is ♥).

I didn’t see any DRRR!! cosplay this year, last year I saw several ones though… However I found some TOZ cosplays! When I was walking around the booths, I found another one with Summer!Mikleo. And now that I think about it, when I was standing in line for Pokémon ticket, some people were cosplaying in Chrom and Robin, I wish I could take pictures of them ;__;

Kansai Airports got a booth and it’s a collaboration with Pokémon. All you had to do is to take a picture of the booth and posting it on Twitter to get a Pokémon sticker. I did as said and got one. Two versions of the tickets, white background and the other one was a yellow background. I picked the yellow one.

Aeon booth is also a collaboration with Pokémon, more precisely 20th movie collaboration. This time you had to follow either on Facebook or Twitter to get Pikachu badge. I followed them on Twitter and got it!

We were standing in line again, this time to get in the special room where they were screening the movie. As you can expect it, we weren’t allowed to film the movie. I did not film anything of it but I did film the entire stage. The movie was, obviously, in Japanese dubs, French subs.

Summary (no spoilers included) :
Satoshi lives in Pallet Town, he’ll be 10 years old the next day and as any other 10 years old children, he will get hist first Pokémon. But he woke up too late and every Pokémon were already picked by the four other children of his town. Professor Ookido still got another Pokémon in his laboratory but there were some kind of a problem with that last one. Indeed, this Pokémon didn’t like to get in the Monster Ball, it’s a Pikachu. With Pikachu, Satoshi will begin a journey to be the next Pokémon Master.

During the movie screening, fans were clapping hands and whistling. The scenes were reaaaaally moving, I will not spoil you but I do recommand it to you! There several shoking scenes, like something you will never thought about. And Satoshi and Pikachu’s relationship in in a central point of this movie. I cried and cried so much during the movie, more than the first movie had me cried. My tears just couldn’t stop falling, I was moved by it. Really, Satoshi and Pikachu sure care about each other. That friendship about a human and a Pokémon, it’s just oo beautiful!!! TT__TT
Now I hope they will be releasing this movie here in BD with the Japanese dubs!!!!!!!

Afterwards, Caroline Segarra (she used to work for NoLife) asked some questions to both Rica Matsumoto and Kunihiko Yuyama. I’ll resume them here:

*** = spoilers

What do you think about fans’ reactions regarding the movie?

[Yuyama] I was pleased to see you were surprised and applauding during the movie.
[Rica] When *** won the battle, you were saying “Wow”. I was very moved by it.

[To Rica] Pokémon anime is aired worldwide. How do you feel about, this time, tonight, in front of 3k fans, it’s your voice fans had listened to?

[Rica] Pokémon has been aired in many countries, there’re many “Sacha” (Sacha is the French name of Satoshi), many Satoshi but I also believe it’s also the voice of every person who has voiced him you’d listened today. Which’s why I would like to sing the original theme song so you could sing with me. Pokémon Getto Daze!

[To Yuyama] You have been conducting some researches for your movies. Have you ever made some in France? What do you think about our country?

[Yuyama] France is a good place to find resources. I’ve been in Nice and Montpellier in the past. I’ve conducted some for XY TV series. I got a lot of inspiration from this country.

[To Rica] Is it your first time in France? What do you think of our country?

[Rica] It’s my first time in France but I have a friend here who is a ballet dancer. She’s talked a lot about Paris and France, therefore I’m glad to have come here.

Here are fan questions:

[To Yuyama] How do you write the scenario?

[Yuyama] For this movie, I spotted some pictures from New Zealand. But when I don’t find a place to write a scenario, I started to imagine some scenes in my head which would be used for the movies.

[To Rica and Yuyama] Among the ones you have created, which is your favorite one? Which is the one you’ve prefered to create?

[Rica] It’s difficult to chose one but if I were to chose one is the very first movie that was create after the anime: Mewtwo’s Rebellion.
[Yuyama] We both agree with it, it’s Mewtwo Rebellion.

After the talk corner. Rica-chan performed Mezase Pokémon Master 2017.
Caroline Segarra got one last question:

[To Rica] What does this song mean to you?

It’s a very important song for me. It’s through Mezase Pokémon Master that the anime was able to be aired worldwide. It has a very important place in my heart in which it cannot be replaced.

Caroline tried to prepare the fans to say “Getto Daze!” but I guess Rica-chan was better at this work. With her alone, she was able to move the fans to another level. Female-only fans first, then male ones and everybody. Pokémon Getto Daze!

The stage ended with a special picture for Japanese TV show. We had to raise our hands and say “Kimeta!” after Rica-chan said “Kimi ni”.

The full picture is now spread in Japanese reports:

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Mobile game playthroughs #8

// Tales of Link (JP) \\

I got four ★5 characters in Farah&Mikleo summoning gacha. In the 3rd ( I think it was the 3rd one), chance to get either Farah or Mikleo went up to 40% and I did get Mikleo in the end. My first Mikleo in the Japanese Tales of Link: now I do own Mikleo in every Tales mobile games ♥♥♥
The other ★5 are: Marta, Philia and Stahn. I’ve only been using Marta in my main team. I don’t have many UR(++) weapons and the ones I got in the TOX2 event from the Exchange market are different types. Four of them are UR++, the others are awaiting for coins to limit breaking.

I’m saving coins and LP for Mikleo. Mikleo has just been limited breaking once and I don’t even have every material anyway. By this, I mean the orbs, the ones with feathers. As long as I got the badges, it can wait as much time as it wants (preferably the sooner the better though).

// Tales of Link \\

My goodness! It was so damn hard to get to Ares Realm 29th floor and remember the FOUR Malik I previously got in the Tekken collab, well I ended up using by combining his boost x3 and Milla’s blue changing mark. And I was about to lose against Ydrassil as it can be seen in the capture. The next step is Van, I tried a few times but I wasn’t able to get past half of his life so I just don’t know I can go through him. My weapons are probably not that powerful. I don’t know what kind of weapons were available during the Maze of Time event but I must have missed some great ones, I guess.

I hesitated to spend my stones on the summer gacha since I got basically no chance last time with the Tekken one.
277 stones at the start:
– 1st roll: 30 stones with no only ★4 characters
– 2nd roll: 50 stones with ★3, ★4 and Sara (I was very displeased there because I wanted Ludger the most of course, then Judith and Reid)
– 3rd roll: 50 stones with ★3, ★4 and 3 tickets
– 4th roll: 50 stones with ★3, ★4 and 5 tickets
Tickets got me… LUDGER! I just can’t believe it!! While summoning with tickets, I was about to panic in my head “What if I got another Sara? What if I got Judith or Reid? Should I reroll and get more tickets… just like for Tekken event?” No need for any of them, I did get Ludger!!! And guess what? I’m currently using Sara in the end because she got a healing arte like my Kanono Earhart. I wish to have gotten Judith since she can save me from instant death. Oh well.

// Tales of Asteria \\

I picked Kanono Earhart after completing the Extra mission event. I already picked Sorey last time and Kanono Earhart is my favorite Kanono.
Got Rondoline in the current summer event, got her so many time now that she’s already level 6 without leveling myself. I couldn’t reach the 100k last time, just about 75k. Too busy with Fire Emblem Tempest Trial… Hopefully I will reach it this time.

// Fire Emblem Heroes \\

Fire Emblem Heroes is “usually” the only game in wich I was able to get the characters I wanted in the summoning gacha. I do mean there “usually”. But with time, FEH summoning gacha get harder and harder because of its whole cast which is getting bigger and bigger every single new summoning gacha. And look at this, I got 313 orbs and I was wishing to get the 4 summer characters which are: Female!Robin, Frederic, Gaius and Adult!Tiki (special Awakening yes that’s it).

Eventually all my stones were spent on this limited gacha. And I was only able to get two focus characters from the 4 available ones. My most favorite one is obviously Robin as a Robin fan myself, second was Gaius and I did get him! I love both Tiki and Frederic too: Tiki is voiced by Ikue Otani (Pikachu) and Frederic is OnoD (Shizu-chan).
The other characters are not bad, especially Olwen and Cordelia but I still have prefered getting both Robin and Frederic as limited ones. First time I get a ★5 healer and Maria is not so bad either.
I guess the next limited gacha would be for Halloween and then Christmas with Robin and Tharja. I really really really want that last one. It’s my inner Robin hardcore fan speaking here!

// Alien no Tamago \\

Look, look, look!!!!!!! I got him, I got Izaya!!! I got Izaya, yeah it’s important to mention it, that’s why I said it twice. Even a third one isn’t enough. I got IZAYAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!!!
I didn’t get Shizuo last time, I got Celty and I couldn’t get back as many stars as he needs to reroll 5 more time. Although I love Masaomi, Izaya definitely is my moooooooost favorite one. Oh god, I’m so glad to have got Izaya. You don’t know how much.

Alien no Tamago might be the last mobile game to have a collaboration with Dura so it makes me so happy to have got my favorite character of all here. Izaya, just love you TT_TT

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Mobile game playthroughs #7

// Fire Emblem \\

I eventually got ★5 Lucina Marth. As said lastly, I stopped right after getting it. I didn’t have any more motivation to get further on it. If I’ve started it from the start, I might have got more motivated to get higher. In the end my rank was 73 936, which means there were 73 935 players who got beyond my rank. I can only show respect to those!
I got Legion in the meanwhile, trying to get him ★4 and ★5 was just too hard for me. Even my Ike couldn’t stand against Legion. If Ike cannot, nobody can in my team.

// Tales of Link \\

Summer event featuring SorMik ♥♥♥
Mikleo thinks the amusement park’s soft cream is better than his. No way! I’m pretty sure Sorey would disagree with him on this as well since his favorite is Mikleo’s. Though we now know Mikleo doesn’t like rides, if he were to get on one, he would of course sit next to Sorey fufufu~
Current Soul is either Luke or Asch. I picked Asch since I already got Luke one (please give me Mikleo one back, I didn’t play TOLink back then…). Look at my main Luke strength: 171 594.
There’s a panel fo TOLink in LA Anime Expo with some merchandise. I wish there were one in Japan Expo as well but I doubt there are that many French players. Well, they did translated the mains tory in French recently but I still don’t think there are that many players here…

// Tales of Link (JP) \\

There’s another trial event in the Japanese TOLink with the bery same summoning character. This time I only summon the slash one (yes yes I gave up on SorMik Sorey in water Armatus. I left the summoning to my brother’s magic fingers and he got me… ★5 Kanono and ★5Yuri (and ★4 Sorey) TT__TT Thank you brother, thanks so much!!!!
The reason why I didn’t try to get Sorey in water Armatus is because of the latest summoning Mikleo-sama!!!!! I’m saving my stones for him >///< I already roll with no ★5, next should be either Mikleo or Farah. Oh please give me Mikleo, I need my baby.
There’s currently a Soul Arena in the Japanese version as well, I picked Lailah. I didn’t get that far (340 000 mana), I’m trying to get all the weapons on TOX2 event. Almost done with them (including the ones for the limit break). They’re so powerfull 1k with the limit break ^_-

// Tales of Asteria \\

It’s getting hard to play all these games at once. Actually, it’s more FEH Tempest Trial which took my whole free time that I didn’t have much time to play Asteria TOS event. I’m trying to reach 100k for the Asteria stone, which looks so far from me. I’m currently 50k+ ut I won’t give up either. There’s this new auto mode, rather lazy mode haha. The game will keep running the stage until your AP runs out. You can add energy gels and Asteria stones on this mode. So yeah lazy mode hehe.

I’m currently displaying my current mobile game but I would love to talk about my previous mobile games too. Like DRRR!! The Underside, Divine Gate and Crash Fever. I still have my screen captures despite not owning them anymore (Dura TUS endeed last year and Divine Gate and Crash Fever were lost along with my previous cellphone). All three were, of course, somehow related to Dura fufu.

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Mobile game playthroughs #6

// Tales of Link \\

Summer clothes are back in Tales of Link. I don’t know whether to try it or not. I already got Mikleo, I still need Sorey (and I would love to get Asbel fufu) but I, for obvious reason, doubt I would get any of them. I think, rather I hope, they’ll offer them in a later sumonning, like they did for Mikleo. I got Mikleo in one of the previous trial summoning, it was a ★5 guaranteed. And here’s as you see not the case.

// Fire Emblem Heroes \\

I’ve reached 6k on monday and got ★4 Lucina Marth. I also got the Breath of Life 1 seal. The Tempest Trials is like a Soul Arena in Tales of Link in a more frustrated way though. Not that it is a bad thing either. It’s actually pretty challenging and it will stick players to the game. I’ll not lie, I have been frustrated in more way than ever and to prevent my frustration in winning, I’ll leave my characters to the game: auto mode. I really can’t keep my mind sane while playing it. Plus, I’ve started the Tempest Trial too late (like 4 days after it was available), I was grinding my characters to level 40 and collecting the quests orbs.

I did progress in the Trial, I’ve got 27k now, it’s now a matter of time to get ★5 Marth. I’m not sure I’ll keep it up after getting him. For my mind safe, I should stop after getting him haha. Well and I realize that ★5 characters really are necessary. I don’t have enough of them and was forced to use ★4 characters. All types are required here, same goes for level 40 characters!

My Ike got the max Hero Merit. Aside from Takumi, Ike is most likely the second best character in FEH. He saved my life more than hundreds of times. Robin is pretty the same thanks to his weapon which beat every single colorless character, mine just needs a repost skill but I don’t think I could get get another Takumi before a while.

// Tales of Asteria \\

I haven’t been playing much either Asteria or the Rays lately because of FEH so nothing much to say but they offered Lailah and Sorey medal in Asteria to celebrate Tales of Zestiria the X upcoming 2nd arc BD/DVD box release. More Zestiria characters yay~~!

// Pokémon: Magikarp Jump \\

I beat the current last league: the Heal League. It took me a while to do so because of FEH. It’s great they did think about players who complete the current leagues by doing some extra leagues in the meanwhile. Though, I hope they will update the game soon, I’ve been doing the Extra League 3. There’re new colors from then on.