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Mobile game playthroughs #8

// Tales of Link (JP) \\

I got four ★5 characters in Farah&Mikleo summoning gacha. In the 3rd ( I think it was the 3rd one), chance to get either Farah or Mikleo went up to 40% and I did get Mikleo in the end. My first Mikleo in the Japanese Tales of Link: now I do own Mikleo in every Tales mobile games ♥♥♥
The other ★5 are: Marta, Philia and Stahn. I’ve only been using Marta in my main team. I don’t have many UR(++) weapons and the ones I got in the TOX2 event from the Exchange market are different types. Four of them are UR++, the others are awaiting for coins to limit breaking.

I’m saving coins and LP for Mikleo. Mikleo has just been limited breaking once and I don’t even have every material anyway. By this, I mean the orbs, the ones with feathers. As long as I got the badges, it can wait as much time as it wants (preferably the sooner the better though).

// Tales of Link \\

My goodness! It was so damn hard to get to Ares Realm 29th floor and remember the FOUR Malik I previously got in the Tekken collab, well I ended up using by combining his boost x3 and Milla’s blue changing mark. And I was about to lose against Ydrassil as it can be seen in the capture. The next step is Van, I tried a few times but I wasn’t able to get past half of his life so I just don’t know I can go through him. My weapons are probably not that powerful. I don’t know what kind of weapons were available during the Maze of Time event but I must have missed some great ones, I guess.

I hesitated to spend my stones on the summer gacha since I got basically no chance last time with the Tekken one.
277 stones at the start:
– 1st roll: 30 stones with no only ★4 characters
– 2nd roll: 50 stones with ★3, ★4 and Sara (I was very displeased there because I wanted Ludger the most of course, then Judith and Reid)
– 3rd roll: 50 stones with ★3, ★4 and 3 tickets
– 4th roll: 50 stones with ★3, ★4 and 5 tickets
Tickets got me… LUDGER! I just can’t believe it!! While summoning with tickets, I was about to panic in my head “What if I got another Sara? What if I got Judith or Reid? Should I reroll and get more tickets… just like for Tekken event?” No need for any of them, I did get Ludger!!! And guess what? I’m currently using Sara in the end because she got a healing arte like my Kanono Earhart. I wish to have gotten Judith since she can save me from instant death. Oh well.

// Tales of Asteria \\

I picked Kanono Earhart after completing the Extra mission event. I already picked Sorey last time and Kanono Earhart is my favorite Kanono.
Got Rondoline in the current summer event, got her so many time now that she’s already level 6 without leveling myself. I couldn’t reach the 100k last time, just about 75k. Too busy with Fire Emblem Tempest Trial… Hopefully I will reach it this time.

// Fire Emblem Heroes \\

Fire Emblem Heroes is “usually” the only game in wich I was able to get the characters I wanted in the summoning gacha. I do mean there “usually”. But with time, FEH summoning gacha get harder and harder because of its whole cast which is getting bigger and bigger every single new summoning gacha. And look at this, I got 313 orbs and I was wishing to get the 4 summer characters which are: Female!Robin, Frederic, Gaius and Adult!Tiki (special Awakening yes that’s it).

Eventually all my stones were spent on this limited gacha. And I was only able to get two focus characters from the 4 available ones. My most favorite one is obviously Robin as a Robin fan myself, second was Gaius and I did get him! I love both Tiki and Frederic too: Tiki is voiced by Ikue Otani (Pikachu) and Frederic is OnoD (Shizu-chan).
The other characters are not bad, especially Olwen and Cordelia but I still have prefered getting both Robin and Frederic as limited ones. First time I get a ★5 healer and Maria is not so bad either.
I guess the next limited gacha would be for Halloween and then Christmas with Robin and Tharja. I really really really want that last one. It’s my inner Robin hardcore fan speaking here!

// Alien no Tamago \\

Look, look, look!!!!!!! I got him, I got Izaya!!! I got Izaya, yeah it’s important to mention it, that’s why I said it twice. Even a third one isn’t enough. I got IZAYAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!!!
I didn’t get Shizuo last time, I got Celty and I couldn’t get back as many stars as he needs to reroll 5 more time. Although I love Masaomi, Izaya definitely is my moooooooost favorite one. Oh god, I’m so glad to have got Izaya. You don’t know how much.

Alien no Tamago might be the last mobile game to have a collaboration with Dura so it makes me so happy to have got my favorite character of all here. Izaya, just love you TT_TT


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