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Mobile game playthroughs #10

// Tales of Link (JP) \\

This sumonning was just made for me: Zesteria cast only with The X Armatus only. Of course I was wishing for any Sorey/Mikleo characters.

In the end, I only got Summer Mikleo. I’m glad to have got him but since I already got him in the Global version, I would have prefered Sorey’s this time. On the contrary, I’m pleased to have got Alisha Water Armatus, though Sorey’s would have been the best. It would be hard to get either Sorey or Alisha Armatus in the future. I’ll try to summoning some more, I’m near 50 stones. I hope to get more Sormik, I swear, my game thinks I’m a fan of Alisha and Rose TT_TT I didn’t even get either Edna or Lailah.

I awakened Water Armatus Alisha!

// Tales of Link \\

My last ticket got me Ange, not the best but well it’s good that I haven’t got her.
My Water Armatus Sorey is originally water (ufufu) but most of characters are light element. Plus I don’t even got a Water boost in my guardian list. I still need to change some more characters to light.

// Tales of Asteria \\

I got Lailah and Mikleo ♥♥♥ I couldn’t get formal Sorey last time (and I‘m was sure upset to get an hundred Elise instead grrrrr). At least Asteria got me the love of my life ;_;
Asteria brings a Zestiria event, so did TOL, along with the BD Box release. No Sorey, no Meebo but it’s fine with me, I got my Summer Mikleo ♥

// Fire Emblem Heroes \\

I got ★5 Tobin last Monday and ever since I’ve been pretty much lazy to keep going further in the Trial Tempest. Just this morning I reach 54k, not just 54+ but 54 000 exactly. I can’t believe it haha. I don’t know if I will try to get more than 60k. Orbs are attempting but it takes so much and not sure if my mind can keep it up with it.

// Alien no Tamago \\

Mama!Izaya + Papa!Shizuo = Child!Izaya
Mama!Izaya + Papa!Mikado = Child!Izaya

Nah eggs get you more skills for your characters but I just like to see that way <3333


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