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Mobile game playthroughs #12

// Tales of Link (JP) \\

I feel like I’m enjoying the Japanese version more than the global one. In the TOZ-X event, I got ★5 Alisha twice in the Hell or Heaven mode but in the end, I wasn’t able to get clear the Ultimate mode. I would have needed Sorey for this, which I didn’t get either. I do realize that the summer key items are random but look at this, I got another bird. I already got like 60+ birds in my list (more ★5 and few ★4). I actually got more birds than actual characters. Not that I mind, birds are so rare in the global game while there you got so many that you don’t know what to do with them lol. I’ve just did the max limit break to 4 characters in case I would need these birds for upcoming characters.

The random ring got my another earth element. I mean, every single ring for me earth. How can this even be possible? Not to mention that most of the gacha characters were already earth. Just wow!!

As said, I didn’t get TOZ-X Sorey. I did try one more time and got Sorey and Alisha which is not bad. Sorey because well any Sorey is welcome and Alisha can awaken. I got a ★5 guaranteed ticket and got Colette. I was kinda disappointed at first but she helped me clear the trial. I don’t have enough either spell or trust characters. Most of my characters are shot or bash. I haven’t been collecting many characters since I have just started the Japanese game not long ago.

I tried the next step of the trial event, it was sure hard, I couldn’t clear the first level. I got another ★5 guaranteed ticket and summoned it. Who did I get? SOREY and not any Sorey but a Water Armatus Sorey. It’s like the 4th Water Armatus I’ve got so far: 3 Sorey and 1 Alisha.

// Tales of Link \\

I eventually awakened summer Ludger. And it’s all thanks to the current token available in the main quest. I also awakened Meebo, only need once as well. Look I’m so desperate to get any bird in the global version while it’s so easy to get them in the western version.
In the mission quest, I got a ★5 character, I didn’t even know it was possible to any ★5. I touched the sceen to fast and couldn’t take a picture of it but here the recent characters I got: that’s Ludger.

// Fire Emblem Heroes \\

Leo is one of my favorite characters in Fates and here it’s available in two gachas. Look at my orbs, I just don’t have enough orbs to get any of them. I mean, now it’s been so hard to get any focus character. Ever since they’ve been adding up new character. And you know I just need more red mages, not that I’m trying to find an excuse to summon (what? no). Female Corrin is not bad either, and I don’t have a red mage on wyvern but I already got too many blue mages so it’s kinda pointless. I may try to summon Summer Leo as a limited one.
I hope I’ll have enough at the end of the year for Xmas Robin, my most wanted future unit…

// Tales of the Rays (JP) \\

Summer event is here and I wasn’t expecting new mirages for Ix aand Mileena. I need them T_T With 20 diamonds, I got Sophie’s which I haven’t yet to get. Oh and for the mirage guaranteed, I got another Jude… Ix mirage, when will get I it? *cries*
I’m trying to collect prisms for Ix summer clothes. Almost got 800 for it!

// Tales of the Rays \\

Western Tales of the Rays is now out! Go get it on Android.
Diamonds were replaced by the mirrogems and thankfully they did this because it’s honesly absurd to separate them since they’re both needed to summon. Diamonds are the exchange money for gacha while gems are real money exchanged. Summoning needed 200 diamonds or 2k gems. In the Western ver., there’s no diamond so summoning is 2k as well. Log-in and cleared missions got you gems as well. Not to mention it’s proportional: it’s not just 1 gem but 10 up to 20 while it was 1 to 2 diamonds. They should have done this from the start in the Japanese version.

I guess my chance was here, I got three different mirages. I summoned three single gachas (20 gems) and got Luke. I also summoned 2k once and got both Yuri and Sorey mirage. I have neither Luke nor Yuri in the Japanese ver., 5 Sorey, 1 Mileena, 2 Jude, 1 Edna, 1 Sophie and that’s it!

I’ve cleared Sorey chapter, I haven’t started Jude one, I’m trying to farm some more. Look at Sorey, he’s awaiting Mikleo’s arrival. He’ll come around, Sorey, not so soon, but he’ll. After Tear and Jude event normally. I need to save gems for Mikleo and Edna mirages.


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