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Mobile game playthroughs #11

// Tales of Link \\

Like last time, I was able to change my characters to light element! I failed just once and turned Sorey from fire to Wind. I still need to change four main characters to light for my team to be perfect.

// Tales of Link (JP) \\

The Soul Arena roll got me Water Armatus Sorey. I’m satisfied with it! I would have prefered Yuri with the 38 RCV all marks skill with any Armatus Sorey is fine with me. And I don’t even have this one in the Western version.
I tried reroll twice thanks to the Soul Arena stones and got Xmas Edna (thanks goodness it’s neither Alisha nor Rose) and another Summer Mikleo. Well as said, I love Mikleo, he’s my favorite Tales characters but for once I’d really have loved to get Sorey instead. Not just because I already got this version but I only own a single Sorey which is a ★4 offered earlier for the TOZX event…

There are sure more people for Yuri which I’m not suprised. After all, there’re more Yuri than the other two. I think it’s pretty obvious which character I picked here. Ever since I’ve been playing the Japanese version, I’ve only been picked the same game in Soul Arena: Lailah, Edna so this time is also TOZ: Sorey, rather Water Armatus Sorey.
The ring chance my Mikleo to earth. Last time I failed from Water to Wind so I’m glad it got me earth since most of my characters are earth as well.
I got a ★5 ticket and got Estelle. Not that I’m complaining but I really need thrust characters… I got too many shot and bash ones.

// Tales of the Rays \\

Phi is coming along Velvet upcoming main story? Ah and Mikleo and Edna are in the party! Oh my, if they’re offering Mikleo mirror I’ll be just dead, I have just not been collecting many for trying summoning any… I’ll make sure to save them in the Western version though.

// Fire Emblem Heroes \\

I tried twice ★4 Berkut and failed. I’ll stick to ★3 one…
I ended up in the top 10k in the Tempest trial and I thought I would fail to do so as well because on the morning I was like 12k+. But I guess people just ended it here after scoring 99 999 points which I admit I did. I used the last two remaining hours with using my stamina in the trial. I was kinda nervous when the score was revealing. I’m just so glad, 6k feathers is a great deal!


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