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Today’s arrivals

[ x ] Idol!Sorey & Idol!Mikleo Acrylic Stand → ずー民さん
[ x ] Mikleo Acrylic Stand → ぴこさん
[ x ] Sormik Can Badge → ぴこさん (the acrylic stand was shipped separately)

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Mobile game playthroughs #5

// Tales of the Rays \\

After TOF ended, they offered Mikleo in the Mirror gacha again. Look at my diamonds: 1 180. Mikleo got a boost of 8% to appear which is basically 2,286% in total. So with 1180 diamonds, guees what, I………………….. DIDN’T GET MIKLEO!!!
I got Sorey*3, Edna*1 and Jude*1 but NO MIKLEO!!! Where is that boost of 8%, it never occured. Tales mobile games do everything so I could not get my favorite characters when I need them. My Sorey mirror can now be leveled up to 90. I would have prefered not to have any Sorey here nor Edna nor Jude but just Mikleo. I just need him in my life T_T
Though Edna was great to have since she’s limited as well. Dang, I don’t have any more diamonds, it would take forever to get them back I just hope they wouldn’t offer Mikleo before a while so I could collect enough diamonds. Because yeah… I’m saving them all for Mikleo, every single one for him.

// Tales of Asteria \\

As much as they did for The Rays, Asteria is also celebrating TOF popularity vote by offering a special Tales of Festival 2017 version of Mikleo. And it’s not a gacha limited character but a free character to all players who log in the game. I’m currently displaying it in the main menu!
The latest event of Asteria is about TOS in which you can get Lloyd, Zelos, Raine and Shiina. I was able to get two Lloyd. I can’t get any more of him, I need to do higher stages but my level is too low to even try them so I’ll stick to two Lloyd.
I wasn’t expecting any great characters from an orange drop and got Rita-chan. I’m so happy, Rita is my fav Tales girl (>///<)

// Tales of Link (JP) \\

Whereas The Rays and Asteria, Link didn’t offer anything related to Mikleo but some special TOF characters after log in during TOF : Luke (3rd in the top), Ludger (2nd in the top), Milla, Cless UAed with Velvet and Edna UAed with Eizen (in the Exchange market).

// Alien no Tamago \\

Eventually I was able to get stars for a ★5 guaranteed and it happened to be Celty……… Bye bye Shizu-chan, I reaaaaaaaaaaaally wanted to get Shizuo, it was a 50/50 but I failed, terribly failed to get him.
IZAYA IS COMING, along with Masaomi  and… Mikado. Again? They should have got Anri. She deserves to be here! Anyway, Izaya is so cute ♥♥♥ He’s holding is knife, that’s your typical Izaya here! Oh and there’s Celty’s head too behind him haha ♪ This collab stars in June 30th. I’m not so sure to get enough stars when it will be offered but I’ll try. I so, so need Izaya >O<

// Tales of Link \\

I eventually got back my account TT_TT Thank you Bandai Namco to have been working on my issue, to trust me enough despite not having my ID numbers. Now I did make sure to save my ID in case it were to happen in the future. Though, from what I get, they can get back your account only once. Well, Tales of Link is working more than just fine on my new cellphone so it shouldn’t be a problem. When time comes for me to change cellphone, I’ll not make the same mistake. I’ll immediately move the game to the new one.

I got back my cellphone tuesday. I wasn’t able to play the Maze of Time event and the Soul Arena was already running which isn’t much of a problem for me thanks to my +170 gels. I finished it easily up to the 600k in three days to get the UR Mystic Artes of Sophie. I also clear the Tekken event with all the materials to upgrade the weapon. As for the Trial Tower event, it’s just HELL!!! I’m at the 6F and can’t seem to get further. My spell weapons are so weak. I wish they started with Slash and then Trust, which are my main weapons.

Summoning was a terrible experience. I tried the Tekken summoning because lately I got Milla in the Japanese version and I did found her very useful. 40LC for marking them all is the best I was able to see for now.  When I got back my account, my stones were still 102. Soul Arena (+log in bonus) got me up to 121, well something alike. I used them all and got… TWO ★5 MALIK. Why two? No, why Malik of all characters? His leader skill is so useless and I got two of him. I did the main stories to get more stones, I can’t get defeat from just two summoning which allowed me tosummon twice:
1st roll: ★5 Tekken!Presea and ★5 Judith (1st time get her)
2nd roll: ★5 Tekken!…………… MALIK (what the hell,  it’s my 3rd), ★5 Velvet and ★5 Rokuro (1st time to get him)
I still need Milla so I did inconsiderate thing: I purchased stones and eventually get ★5 Tekken!Milla. Wich helped get enough tickets for a Tekken-only character which ended up to be… MALIK. Why does this game want me to get Malik that much? Why???? I can’t possibly get it. Malik isn’t even in my personal top 50 Tales characters so why are you doing this to me? I couldn’t even get Dezel in the end. Damn you Malik!

// Pokémon: Magikarp Jump \\

I wanted to finish this 5th playtroughs with Magikarp because thie game has been eating my free time.
Current Rank: 45
Current Max Level: 55
Current Magikarp name: Velvet (purple)
My Generation 32 was called Mikleo and look at who was paying a visit, Sorey did! Sorey was Gen 29, it has to come for a visit when Meebo was around teehee!
It took some time but I cleared the Luxury League and I’m doing the Heal one. I got Bulbasaur and new patterns↓
Two different gray patterns: I named them Ganon and Link. I was playing Zelda BotW.
One purple pattern: I named him Velvet.


Tales of Festival Day 3

Indeed there were NO ANNOUNCEMENT during the whole Tales of Festival.
Was it too early to announce anything, even few screenshots of the next Tales game? Not even the Switch game, maybe during the E3? What a weird Tales of Festival in the end.

Not so bad either from what I could hear about it. Brother was like : “So there were no announcement, are you really going to get the BD?” and I responded: “Yup, I will sure do it”.

Character popularity poll results

01. Mikleo (TOZ)
02. Ludger (TOX2)
03. Luke (TOA)
04. Asbel (TOGf)
05. Eizen (TOB)
06. Sorey (TOZ)
07. Velvet (TOB)
08. Jude (TOX2)
09. Zelos (TOS)
10. Judas (TOD2)

11. Llyod (TOS)
12. Raven (TOV)
13. Jade (TOA)
14. Emil (TOS DotNW)
15. Flynn (TOV)
16. Guy (TOA)
17. Alisha (TOZ)
18. Pascal (TOGf)
19. Milla (TOX2)
20. Edna (TOZ)
21. Laphicet (TOB)
22. Rokuro (TOB)
23. Rita (TOV)
24. Kratos (TOS)
25. Spada (TOI)
26. Magilou (TOB)
27. Reid (TOE)
28. Reala (TOD2)
29. Colette (TOS)
30. Alvin (TOX2)

Oh God, I was so wrong, so so wrong. But most of my expectations are sort of here.

I just can’t believe it Mikleo is #1, NUMBER 1 uwaaaaah!!! I mean, I’ve always thought Sorey was way more popular than Mikleo as the main protagonist of TOZ.
And I’ve noticed that Berseria wasn’t so much a hit despite being the latest Tales game. So my expectation easily went for Sorey. Sorey is a neutral character, despite being enthusiastic, he’s innocent so anybody can be indentified as him easily. With the White Day poll, I did think Sorey would get the top spot. So all the above characters are more popular than Sorey?? Wow.

But you know, I’m pretty certain Sorey would top the poll if Mikleo wasn’t here (yup he would even beat Ludger). Most Mikleo fans are Sorey fans as well, same goes for Sormik and Miksor fans. TOZ fans got into a dilemma: Sorey or Mikleo, that was it! And speaking of which, I believe Mikleo won the poll because:

  • Sormik fans are mostly Mikleo fans beforehand. Bottom characters are usually fans’ favorite.
  • Sormik seems to be the current most popular Tales pairing, more than FlyYuri which was the most active one before Zestiria.
  • Major Japanese Tales audience is female in Japan, in the opposite of Westerns in which most Tales fans are male. Though, even though it has been the case, Western fans can also vote in the poll. I did vote… for Mikleo of course.
  • And there was an earlier official poll in the Viva Tales of Magazine if I’m correct: Mikleo did top the first spot too. But don’t take this so seriously, I saw that poll a long time ago in one of the past issues…

So Velvet isn’t that popular actually, I shouldn’t have taken in account The Rays. But as said, I did realize TOB wasn’t a hit, just look at the sales and Pixiv isn’t as active on TOB as it was for TOZ. Ever since the Alisha issue happened, the Tales series got a big impact on sales and eventually TOB didn’t sell that well. But Eizen is cool, I actually like him, Edna’s big brother.

Ludger and Luke are quite consistent, I wonder if Mikleo will remain in the top as well for the next popularity poll. Ludger and Luke are main protagonists and both games are really popular. Ludger won the previous popularity poll, it’s no wonder it’s still around. And I was sure Mikleo will be ahead of him. It’s been years Luke is around the top 10, I’m not that much a fan of him but I can relate to fans who like him too. TOA was a great game!

Judas=Leon. You can’t lie to us haha
Emil, Flynn and Guy always stick to one another!
My favorite girl, Rita-chan, is so below ;__;

Here’s my personal TOP 10 (without Yuri, or else Yuri is the 2nd spot):
01. Mikleo (TOZ)
02. Sorey (TOZ)
03. Ludger (TOX2)
04. Rita (TOV)
05. Flynn (TOV)
06. Edna (TOZ)
07. Eizen (TOB)
08. Emil (TOS DotNW)
09. Jude (TOX2)
10. Lailah (TOZ)


Tales of Festival Day 2

I just wanted to post this before tomorrow.

I’m not sure if there were ever a Tales of Festival without any announcement. I’m actually more than just surprised they didn’t announce something related to Tales of Vesperia at least for this special day since they invited 4 Vesperia cast on the same day. I should have been a Vesperia Festival. How come?

They might have meant to save everything for tomorrow. But why? Since tomorrow is also the characters popularity poll result. Would there have enough time to do everything? Which end up with no announcemnt for this Tales of Festival. No way!!!

Possible announcements:

Anyway, I expect a port of Tales of Vesperia on Switch and Steam since Bandai Namco announced earlier a Tales game on Switch. My brother is expecting an anime for Tales of Vesperia.
If not Tales of Vesperia but another port, it would be Tales of Berseria but if it is, I think they might release a combo Tales of Zestiria+Tales of Berseria on Switch.
As for a new game. I hightly doubt there might release it on Switch but why not. If a new game it is, then it should be announce on PS4 and Steam. The delay for Switch is too short to be it. Bandai Namco announced the Switch game for this year.
When it comes to anime, Tales of Vesperia might come true but for some reason, Tales of Berseria is most likely the case if there were any.
I don’t believe in a Tales of the Tempest R, I would love to since I’ve barely played it myself (I just left the first town to save my playthrough) and nobody really care about this game either, I doubt about it.
A sequel for Tales of Zestiria because of the X’s hinting message of the final episode? I would love one but I think Bandai Namco want to end TOZ and TOB journeys one and for all because of the Alisha issue. But it may happen since Sorey and Mikleo are very popular.

Character popularity poll:

I expect Sorey to be #1 (remember Ufo White Day’s top). With TotR results, I think Velvet would end up #2. Basically the top I expect for tomorrow:
01. Sorey
02. Velvet
03. Mikleo
04. Ludger
05. Asbel
06. Eizen
07. Jude
08. Luke
09. Lloyd
10. Emil

Mikleo isn’t invited in the 3rd day but Ohsaka-san (♥) might come as a surprise guest. Speaking of which, it looks like Ryoutarou Okiayu (Gaius) was the surprise guest of Day 2. Normally there’s no special guest for Day 3 but I do think Mikleo is more popular than Ludger.

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Mobile game playthroughs #4

// Pokémon: Magikarp Jump \\

I’m enjoying this cute little game more and more haha. My current Magikarp, the 29th Generation, is gold. It’s like the 4th golden one I catched. I named him “Sorey” ❤

I got that special event with Gyarados for my 7th Generation. Actually I couldn’t see the event because the game crashed at this very moment when Magikarp was evolving. When I reopened the game, I was seeing that retirement scene. That was when I realized that she actually evolved.

// Tales of the Rays \\

The poll results for the future installment in TotR is here. I’m was first surprised to see Velvet winning the poll but as the latest Tales game, it should not have been a surprise either. I voted for Ludger of course but I would also have loved Flynn (6th) as well. Go for Velvet, I’m still happy either way.
The limit level was lift! My Ickx was sitting here as my main character. I’m not playing either Mikleo or Sorey as the main one.  Ickx can avoid attacks easily when he jumps. Both Mikleo and Sorey are closed to reach 50, especially Meebo.

// Tales of Link (JP) \\

I still haven’t got back my Western account so as said, I’m currently playing the Japanese version for now. And here’s the Luke I got in the Japanese version. But as my coworkers pointed out, Luke max level’s is 79 which is normally 59 in the Western version????? Whuuuut!!!
There should be a Tekken collab in the Western version currently. For want to play it, I got Milla in the Japanese version through the trial summon (though I was hoping to get Kanonno and Sorey ★4) but Milla is not bad actually. She can change every marks to blue! I also got one of the trial special characters: Kratos! I prefered Zelos but everything is fine as I’ve barely any character in the Japanese version.

// Tales of Asteria \\

I didn’t get Sorey nor did I get Ludger eventually. Someone just kill me….
And I hate Elise, well I don’t hate her but I got 5 Elise instead of getting Sorey formal clothes TT__TT Results: 2 Luke, 2 Tear and FIVE Elise. Damn it. I just hate Asteria gacha system.
With the tickets, I picked Sorey in compensation as I already got Mikleo.

// Alien no Tamago \\

Another game I’m starting because of a DRRR!! collab haha.
It’s quite an easy game. We don’t need to do anything much as the characters fight in auto mode. It’s a horizontal scrolling beat them up game with a party of three characters, plus a friend. For every stage, you get two stars and items to boost the characters stats. If you clear the stage without any lost, you get three more stars.
There’s also an egg system in which you fuse two characters to get a random egg with a sly chance to get a similar character for every egg. But I haven’t tried much since I’m saving the coins to exchange them with the stars.
You can exchange stars with characters. As for DRRR!! collab characters, there are 5 steps :
Step 1 uses 10 stars with a random characters
Step 2 uses 90 stars with 3 random characters + bonus
Step 3 uses 200 stars with 5 random characters + bonuses
Step 4 uses 500 stars with 10 random characters including 1 ★4 guaranteed + bonuses
Step 5 uses 500 stars with 10 random characters including 1  ★5 guaranteed (Celty/Shizuo) + bonuses

For every 3 first steps, I got a Mikado ★4. I’m so happy ♥ I should be able to evolve them once they reach the max level. Level 64 for now.
At least Izaya is implied in the collab despite not being in the rosters. Well thank you Shizu-chan for sceaming Izaya’s name ufufu~~

Other mobile games with DRRR!! collab: Divine Gate, Crash Fever, 18 and Hoshi no Rebellion.

Games, Tales

Bye bye Tales of Link

My old cellphone crashed and I can’t play Tales of Link anymore TT_TT

I’ve been trying to contact Bandai Namco support but they needed my ID number which I don’t recall at all. I’ve provided all my purchase transactions with hope they would be able to transfer my account to my new cellphone.

Ever since (= this morning), I’ve been playing the Japanese version on my new cellphone. I got Luke as my first 5 stars… Japanese playing really are powerful, I found several people who were sure more powerful than my original account and there’re a way more Awakening characters!!!

Aaah I miss my old account…

And you know, I’ve been doing the Asbel & Reala Awakening and was reaching 200 times like 99% ;__; I had to crash when I was about to reach it… Whyyyyy?????? Though I’m glad to have got another cellphone for a month now.

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Mobile game playthroughs #3 & FE:E

// Tales of Asteria \\

I didn’t get Sorey, I got Luke and two times Elise. And looks like many didn’t get Sorey either. I swear this game is preventing you to get the character you want. I’ll try one more time to get Sorey before the gacha ends though.

I used the orange drop and got Flynn!!!! Didn’t get Yuri last time but glad to have got Flynn to comfort me a little ;_;

It took me a hell time but eventually I got Asbel in the special gacha of the Tales of Festival 2017 event. I already got like, at least, three of any other characters, Reala included, but Asbel.

// Pokémon: Magikarp Jump \\

There’s this new Android Pokémon game in which you train Magikarp to get them in winning the different Magikarp Leagues.

As for now, I’m at the rank 7 and my Magikarp is the 5th Generation. I… how to say that… it’s quite a terrible announce but my 2nd Generation got away by a Pidgeotto. I meant, some Pidgeotto took her away and I lost her forever, despite I trained her for awhile back. Heavily implied she got… well you get what I meant, right…
And Brother got the same punishment while looking at sparkling items. Some other Pidgeotto got him.
Aaaaaaah why did they have to imply some terrible circumstances. I meant!!!!!!! There might some children playing it and they could end up shocked from realizing what exactly were just happening to their Magikarp.

// Fire Emblem: Echoes \\

Last time I said the gameplay was remindind me about Ace Attorney, Zelda and Persona and now look at these captures :

Seraphim: Magic attacks effective against Revenants.

Revenants = Hellions?

Kamui : Oh, mind if I ask you a question? Did you learn the Seraph spell?

Kamui = Armatization

This game is pointing me about Tales of Zestiria, right? Right? Right?


Rica Matsumoto in France

I still can’t believe it… Rica Matsumoto, Rica-san, Satoshi-kun’s seiyuu is coming to France to celebrate and premiere the upcoming movie : Pokémon the Movie: I Choose you!

It’s a dream come true aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah
July 6th.
I need to be here and I’ll be here no matter what >///<

Fire Emblem

Fire Emblem Echoes

FE Echoes Limited Collector Edition (Pal)
PinsFire Emblem Echoes is out!!!

It might take some time to beat it though, I’m still playing Zelda BotW as of now. So for now I’ve just finished the Deliverance Hideout and I’m grinding thanks to t he dungeons systems.

Speaking of which! Playing Fire Emblem Echoes is a mix of well Fire Emblem but also Ace Attorney, Zelda and Persona:
– Yup Fire Emblem for the battle system, though this it’s a little different which the system is supposed to be like FE Gaiden.
– Ace Attorney for the investigation system, which is basically like a point and clic game.
– Zelda for the 3rd person view in dungeons in which you can cut grass, shatter jars/wooden crates and smash walls to collect coin and other items.
– And Persona for the tireness while fighting in dungeons.

Intelligent Systems has been trying to renew the game so it wouldn’t die which why’s they got close to Atlus and released Tokyo Mirage Sessions#FE. Which isn’t bad, Tokyo Mirage was a great game and I wish they were to make another title with the same battle system.

Look at that typos I found: “Enable soldiers to be summoned thanks to to amiibo”.
“Aux” is the plurial of “à”.

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Mobile game playthroughs #2

// Tales of Link \\

I didn’t get Mikleo on the first roll but both Edna 5★ and Lailah 5★ + Sorey 4★ in the same roll. I ended up spending all my stones on it and guess what… I didn’t get homme either TT_TT Miboooo… In the following summonings, I got Kongwai 5★ though!! (Which reminds me that I still haven’t finished Tales of Innocence R… But I Washington playing on my brother’s PSVita and now I got my own one)

To be honest with you, I would rather have got Mikleo alone than Edna, Sorey and Lailah on my first roll. Yes I’m a crazy Mikleo hardcore fangirl <333

Since I lost almost all my stones on this summon, I'm trying to get them bach with the normal quests, I got back up to 88 stones for now. And it's a no-no thing, I don't plan on purchasing stones.

Since we're at it, I got my coworkers into Tales of Link haha. After Pokémon GO, Fire Emblem Heroes, now it's Tales of Link ufufu~~!

// Tales of Asteria \\

I was saving Asteria stones for this new arc so I could get Mikleo!!! By the way, as you can  see on the screen play, I still haven’t been playing much of Asteria.

The beginning of this new arc is so SorMik and poor Sorey… Just as the promotional video was hinting: Mikleo forgot everything about Sorey. Sorey was like “You forgot about me?” and Mikleo was replying something along the lines: “I didn’t forget about you, it’s my first time meeting you” and left just like that.

// Fire Emblem Heroes \\

Robin (Daraen/Reflet) lost the voting gauntlet… Nooooooooo!!!!
I’m so upset that it’s another female chara winning it and not just any female chara but another female chara showing off her body. I’m so disappointed by the players, really……