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Mobile game playthroughs #9

I was supposed to write this last week but JE took more time so I ended skipping it. I’ll make another update later this week.

// Pokémon: Magikarp Jump \\

I cleared all available leagues and got Mudkip eventually. Following this, the game needs another updates so for now there’re more extra leagues which I have yet to clear.

// Fire Emblem Heroes \\

As seen here, I was supporting Lisa at first. She lost against Priscilla, which I’m not a big fan because of how she was introduced in FE7. I then supported Elisa, I’m glad she won against her. But my favorite female healer is Lisa and Mist > 1st round!
Tempest trial is back, I easily got ★4 Tobin in three days, not like last time in which I just started the trial too late. In the next update, you’ll see that I’m actually far ahead…

// Tales of Link \\

Zestiria ★4 characters are back starting with Mikleo! I still got mine for last time but if I can get some more, especially light version, I’d be pleased!
I didn’t summon Zestiria collection and I’ll not summon them either. It’s not guaranteed to get a ★5 one so I’ll just be patient and wait for future summoning. I already got the summer one and… take a look the following summoning.
It seems there have been a glitch, it says I haven’t completed the main quest contract 2 while I already complete all the others!

I tried the UA sommoning thrice (10 ~> 30 ~> 50 stones) and got my most favorite combi, Even I, can be lucky some time ;__; I got Judas&Leon on the 30 stones roll, which isn’t even a guaranteed ★5

★5 tickets got me those characters, there’s still another one left but I’ll display it in the next update. But yeah, I got MIKLEO in the 1st ticket. I have yet to get him and you can only get him from tickets nowadays. I just needed the last Mikleo and I would have all of them. That one is display in the Mikleo&Dezel summoning. The middle one which is the special TOZX special summoning from last time (in which I got both ★5 Lailah and ★5 Edna instead…)

// Tales of Link (JP) \\

Thanks to the Japanese trial event, I got birds to awaken Mikleo into ★6. My first ★6 in the Japanese version (well I only got one in the Western one anyways) and it’s not anybody but Mikleo, the love of my life ♥♥♥

// Tales of Asteria \\

Past Summer summoning is back in Asteria, well I have yet to get to know it since I’ve just begin Asteria but glad to see Meebo here (and Rita, and Flynn).
28th random ★5 is Lucas which is fine with me as long as it’s not a character I already got.

// Tales of the Rays \\

I haven’t been updating about the Rays because I just lost my chance to get Rita and Raven mirrors with the tickets. Instead I got both their weapons. I got enough material to exchange with Yuri clothes as a limited one hehe.
I don’t know how many time I did the event but my last one got me a Yuri plush for Repeede.
By the way, I won’t be playing much of the Rays aside for the login bonus because… TALES OF THE DAYS IS COMING TO WEST THIS SUMMER!!!!!!!!!! Waaaaaaaah


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