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Mobile game playthroughs #7

// Fire Emblem \\

I eventually got ★5 Lucina Marth. As said lastly, I stopped right after getting it. I didn’t have any more motivation to get further on it. If I’ve started it from the start, I might have got more motivated to get higher. In the end my rank was 73 936, which means there were 73 935 players who got beyond my rank. I can only show respect to those!
I got Legion in the meanwhile, trying to get him ★4 and ★5 was just too hard for me. Even my Ike couldn’t stand against Legion. If Ike cannot, nobody can in my team.

// Tales of Link \\

Summer event featuring SorMik ♥♥♥
Mikleo thinks the amusement park’s soft cream is better than his. No way! I’m pretty sure Sorey would disagree with him on this as well since his favorite is Mikleo’s. Though we now know Mikleo doesn’t like rides, if he were to get on one, he would of course sit next to Sorey fufufu~
Current Soul is either Luke or Asch. I picked Asch since I already got Luke one (please give me Mikleo one back, I didn’t play TOLink back then…). Look at my main Luke strength: 171 594.
There’s a panel fo TOLink in LA Anime Expo with some merchandise. I wish there were one in Japan Expo as well but I doubt there are that many French players. Well, they did translated the mains tory in French recently but I still don’t think there are that many players here…

// Tales of Link (JP) \\

There’s another trial event in the Japanese TOLink with the bery same summoning character. This time I only summon the slash one (yes yes I gave up on SorMik Sorey in water Armatus. I left the summoning to my brother’s magic fingers and he got me… ★5 Kanono and ★5Yuri (and ★4 Sorey) TT__TT Thank you brother, thanks so much!!!!
The reason why I didn’t try to get Sorey in water Armatus is because of the latest summoning Mikleo-sama!!!!! I’m saving my stones for him >///< I already roll with no ★5, next should be either Mikleo or Farah. Oh please give me Mikleo, I need my baby.
There’s currently a Soul Arena in the Japanese version as well, I picked Lailah. I didn’t get that far (340 000 mana), I’m trying to get all the weapons on TOX2 event. Almost done with them (including the ones for the limit break). They’re so powerfull 1k with the limit break ^_-

// Tales of Asteria \\

It’s getting hard to play all these games at once. Actually, it’s more FEH Tempest Trial which took my whole free time that I didn’t have much time to play Asteria TOS event. I’m trying to reach 100k for the Asteria stone, which looks so far from me. I’m currently 50k+ ut I won’t give up either. There’s this new auto mode, rather lazy mode haha. The game will keep running the stage until your AP runs out. You can add energy gels and Asteria stones on this mode. So yeah lazy mode hehe.

I’m currently displaying my current mobile game but I would love to talk about my previous mobile games too. Like DRRR!! The Underside, Divine Gate and Crash Fever. I still have my screen captures despite not owning them anymore (Dura TUS endeed last year and Divine Gate and Crash Fever were lost along with my previous cellphone). All three were, of course, somehow related to Dura fufu.


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