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Mobile game playthroughs #6

// Tales of Link \\

Summer clothes are back in Tales of Link. I don’t know whether to try it or not. I already got Mikleo, I still need Sorey (and I would love to get Asbel fufu) but I, for obvious reason, doubt I would get any of them. I think, rather I hope, they’ll offer them in a later sumonning, like they did for Mikleo. I got Mikleo in one of the previous trial summoning, it was a ★5 guaranteed. And here’s as you see not the case.

// Fire Emblem Heroes \\

I’ve reached 6k on monday and got ★4 Lucina Marth. I also got the Breath of Life 1 seal. The Tempest Trials is like a Soul Arena in Tales of Link in a more frustrated way though. Not that it is a bad thing either. It’s actually pretty challenging and it will stick players to the game. I’ll not lie, I have been frustrated in more way than ever and to prevent my frustration in winning, I’ll leave my characters to the game: auto mode. I really can’t keep my mind sane while playing it. Plus, I’ve started the Tempest Trial too late (like 4 days after it was available), I was grinding my characters to level 40 and collecting the quests orbs.

I did progress in the Trial, I’ve got 27k now, it’s now a matter of time to get ★5 Marth. I’m not sure I’ll keep it up after getting him. For my mind safe, I should stop after getting him haha. Well and I realize that ★5 characters really are necessary. I don’t have enough of them and was forced to use ★4 characters. All types are required here, same goes for level 40 characters!

My Ike got the max Hero Merit. Aside from Takumi, Ike is most likely the second best character in FEH. He saved my life more than hundreds of times. Robin is pretty the same thanks to his weapon which beat every single colorless character, mine just needs a repost skill but I don’t think I could get get another Takumi before a while.

// Tales of Asteria \\

I haven’t been playing much either Asteria or the Rays lately because of FEH so nothing much to say but they offered Lailah and Sorey medal in Asteria to celebrate Tales of Zestiria the X upcoming 2nd arc BD/DVD box release. More Zestiria characters yay~~!

// Pokémon: Magikarp Jump \\

I beat the current last league: the Heal League. It took me a while to do so because of FEH. It’s great they did think about players who complete the current leagues by doing some extra leagues in the meanwhile. Though, I hope they will update the game soon, I’ve been doing the Extra League 3. There’re new colors from then on.


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